Terms and Conditions

Length of Stay:
The minimum stay is 2-nights. The exception is the Christmas to New Years holiday period and long weekends in High Season when the minimum is 3 nights.  When you stay 6 nights the 7th is Free!
Deposit Amount:
The standard deposit is 30% of your total expected accommodation fee.  Deposit amount for retreat packages may vary.
Final Payment:
The balance of accommodation payment is due upon check-in.  Any extra charges i.e massage, rafting etc. will be accounted for at Check out. .
Check-In Time:
Standard check-in time is between 4pm and 9:00pm Mountain Standard Time. Some or all members of your group must arrive by no later then 9:00pm MST (NO EXCEPTIONS! except under uncontrollable circumstances i.e road closure, vehicle breakdown etc.) to receive the orientation of your accommodations. ALL other members of your group must arrive by 10:00pm MST or else face a fee of $40 late check in fee. Sorry about that but we live in such a peaceful and quiet place that any noise after 10pm is a disturbance to other guests and staff. In the Teepees, River Room, and Meditation House we also prefer you arrive before it becomes dark out. Please note that Mountain Standard Time (MST) is used by the province of Alberta and some parts of eastern British Columbia, including the Golden area.
Check-Out Time:
Standard check-out time is 11:00am MST (Mountain Standard Time). If you wish to stay longer you must pre-arrange this with us ; so, that we can see if we can accommodate your request. You will be charged $40/hour extra.
Property Quiet Hours:
Quiet hours are from 10pm to 8am (local time), every day of the week. And during the rest of the hours please do not play loud music, engage in rowdy behavior etc We really do live in a peaceful and quiet place. Please note: the Internet WiFi will be turned off during the “quiet hours”.
No Smoking/No Smokers Anywhere:
Smoking/Smokers will not be tolerated anywhere on the Quantum Leaps 11-acre property. A $100 fine will be issued to anyone caught smoking on the property. Sorry for the tough approach for our requests re: smokers have not been respected and so after picking up cigarette butts of the land etc we just have to say no smokers period.
Alcohol Consumption:
A moderate consumption of Wine or beer is allowed. Excessive alcoholic consumers may be asked to leave ahead of their scheduled check-out time without any refund. Absolutely no “hard liquor” and/or Parties are allowed on the property.We have had some very bad experiences over the years with damage and abuse due to excessive drinking and it just does not fit in with the vibration of our property and the reason we are here for you.
Extra Cleaning Charge:
Excessive cleaning of your accommodation will result in an additional charge of $50 or more; depending on the amount of extra cleaning time and materials required.  Note: we calculate “excessive cleaning” based on 14 years of regular cleaning.
Damage Repairs:
Any damage-repairs attributed to your use of the property will be accounted for and charged to you. Any abuse/damage/excessive unsanitary conditions of the Hot Tub which requires the draining of the Tub starts at a $100 fine.
Group Size & Visitors:
When booking you will inform of us of how many people will be in your group (adults and children). If the number changes, please let us know and you will be charged accordingly. Registered guests only. If you are expecting any visitors, then you need to let us know ahead of time. And it will be at our discretion whether we accept or not based on what is happening at the Lodge.
Hot Tub Usage:
A hottub is located on the lower deck of the Main Lodge and may be used by Cottage/Cliff House guests between 9am and 9pm. Please do not go into the lodge. Guests renting the Main Lodge may use it between 6am and 10:30pm.  Guests renting our river accommodations may *only* use the hot tub as part of their private massage booking.  Everyone must adhere to the posted rules, which includes “no alcohol” allowed.  Please note: space is limited to at most 6 medium-sized adults.  Children (12 and under) must always be attended by a responsible adult.  When people have finished using the tub, please replace the cover to conserve heat.  Please read the signs/rules posted.  If any additional cleaning above and beyond normal use or emptying of the hot tub is required, a fee will be assessed accordingly.  Hot tub privileges may be denied for the duration of your stay.
Sauna Usage:
Our “dry heat” sauna is located in the Lower Main Lodge and may be used by *only* those renting either the Lower Main Lodge or the entire Main Lodge.  Everyone must adhere to the posted rules, which includes “no alcohol” allowed.  If you are unsure of how to use the sauna, please discuss your concerns with Quantum Leaps staff beforehand.
Family Pet Policy:
To have your Dog stay with us it is $25/night/dog. While outdoors, with one exception, dogs *must* be kept on a leash at all times. Only on the river flats can dogs be allowed off-leash, but beware there are often wildlife in the area. Please pick up your dog’s poop no matter where you are on property, even by the River. Never leave your dog in your accommodations alone and please prevent them from stepping on the furniture. If your pet causes a disturbance to others, we may ask you to bring your dog to the kennel just down the road.  For further information, please read the Pet Policy document.
Conservation Request:
Please turn off the lights at night and when leaving your building, recycle what you can, compost organic food waste, and turn down the heat when leaving for the day.
Shared Gear Usage:
Please return gear borrowed from Quantum Leaps, e.g. snowshoes and bicycles, after each use so others may also use the gear.  Please report broken gear ASAP.  You won’t be charged for normal wear or tear on borrowed gear.
Human Littering:
While staying at Quantum Leaps, please share in the responsibility to eliminate litter on the property.
Snow in Winter:
After a heavy snowfall, please provide sufficient notice when you plan to drive out so we can clear the driveway for you.
Mud in Summer:
If you go down to the river and get muddy please use the outside shower between the two teepees to rinse off so you do not carry that mud into our buildings.
Outdoor Fires:
Never leave an outside fire unattended for any reason. Beware that burning embers can ignite a fire capable of extensive damage.
Plants and Flowers:
Please do not remove or displace any living plants on the property, especially the local wild-flowers.