Welcome to our FAQ page. Now that you have booked your accommodations with us in Golden, BC you may have a question or two. Read through all of the information and then if you still have a question do not hesitate to email us at info@quantumleaps.ca and we are very happy to help you out.

Q: What time is Check In and Check Out
A:  Check In is between the hours of 4pm and 9pm Mountain Standard Time.  That’s right we are on Mountain Time..the same time Zone as Calgary and Banff, AB.  Check Out is before or at 11am MST.  If you wish to stay longer we charge $40/hour.  You need to arrange this ahead of time to see if it is at all possible.

Q: What are your booking policies
A: We have a few we would like you to know about:
1.To reserve your Accommodations a 40% deposit of your total booking is required.
2.Minimum 2 nights stay in regular season and Minimum 3 nights stay in high season.
3.Children 2 and under are FREE!
4.Book for 7 nights but only pay for 6 nights. One night is FREE! 

Q: Is there phone or internet available
A: For ALL guests there is an emergency phone (#911) up in the office for your cell phone may or may not work!   The number is 250-344-2142. 5 cents/minute for Long Distance if you need it. A Donation Jar is by the phone.
We have Wireless Internet (a mid-speed Mountain WiFi) available from 6:30am to 10pm MST up at the office or in your building. We only ask you check emails and do only casual web browsing i.e weather forecast, travel info etc.  We pay $111/month for our plan and sometimes due to weather and interference from Mountains and Trees it may not be too fast!

Q: Can we consume alcohol and smoke while visiting
A: Our vision here at Quantum Leaps Retreats is to create a quiet, pure,  and peaceful retreat setting for all our guests. In compliance with that vision we ask that you maintain peace and quiet by keeping the noise level down (music, voices, dogs, etc). And we ask that you leave your hard alcohol behind (wine and beer only in moderation).  And now we have had to say No Smokers on the property.  We tried to have smokers stay with us and smoke on property but too many times they broke that promise and I was continually picking up cigarette butts.  That made us very sad.  So now No Smokers on the property! Thanks for understanding.

Q: Do you have set Quiet Hours
A: Yes we do.  From 10:00pm to 8:00am MST are our Quiet Hours.

Q: How many acres of land do you have
A: We are on 11 acres of Riverside property. Our property line to the South is just a few metres from the South Point House. To the West our property line is the Blaeberry River. River land is considered crown land so you may go hiking along the river, see other hikers, and horseback riders going by. To the North we are bordered by Wydeen Creek and 5 acres of crown land. And to the East, our border is the Blaeberry Road.

Q: Where are you located
A:  We are located in the heart of the Blaeberry Valley, 17 km NW of Golden, BC. The Canadian Rockies surround us to the North and East and our view is of the Purcell Mountains to the South and West. See our Directions to Quantum Leaps page to get exact directions to our Retreat Centre. This corner of British Columbia is on Mountain Standard Time (same time as Calgary). The time zone change to Pacific Time is about 45km to the West of us.

Q: What “Green” environmentally responsible initiatives does your Retreat Centre do
A: We live in harmony with Mother Earth at Quantum Leaps Retreats. We reduce our impact as much as possible by reducing our garbage, composting, recycling, using only biodegradable, natural cleaning products, and purchasing recycled paper products i.e toilet paper, tissue, paper towels. PLEASE DO NOT bring styrofoam plates, plastic utensils, and bottled water!   There are dishes and everything here for you to use. And our Water from our well is delicious and safe. We save energy (indoor/outdoor clotheslines) and provide energy alternatives where we can. We buy organically and locally grown groceries as much as possible and we have our own large garden in the summer. We support organizations that are advocates for the earth i.e. Greenpeace, Wildsight.  You are a part of this Earth and your actions define what will happen to our planet earth. And we support non-motorized recreation only. So NO snowmobiles or ATV’s allowed on the property.

Q: Is the hot tub and sauna available to everyone
A: These two amenities are available to groups renting the Whole Main Lodge (who rent the whole building) all the time. For upper lodge guests, cliff house, and cottage guests, you are welcome to use the hot tub between the hours of 9am and 9pm MST. If you book a massage then you are welcome to come and use the hot tub before your massage. For teepee and river room guests (unless part of a workshop) you are welcome to use the hot tub if you book a massage with us.  The sauna is only available to  Main Lodge or Lower Lodge guests.

Q: Are you pet friendly
A: No we are not.  No Dogs/Pets allowed on site.  There is a Kennel in Golden, BC called Kicking Horse Boarding Kennels where you can bring your family pet.

Q: Is the water safe to drink
A: We are privileged to have excellent drinking water. Our well is located on the river flats below the lodge and the water is siphoned from the river. The Blaeberry River’s source is the Freshfield Icefield and the Mummery Glacier which is only 40km upstream from us. The water is excellent with no added chemicals. PLEASE…there is no need to bring bottled water!  Just bring empty bottles to fill up your bottles.

Q: Where are the chickens and how many dozen eggs do we get
A: The chicken coop is located just to the north of the lodge, behind the greenhouse. We have a mix of Brown Leghorns and heritage breeds . There is no rooster to wake you up in the morning. If you or your children wish to bring your compost to feed the chickens that is great!  When you arrive there will be 1 dozen eggs in your fridge. If you have a large group or are staying for an extended period of time, please ask us for more when you run out. If you wish to take some home with you, you can buy them for $5/dozen. Enjoy!

Q: Are there laundry facilities on site
A: We have a washer and dryer located in the Lower Lodge and a washer only in the summer at the Cliff House. Please no laundry on changeover days for the bedding and towels need to get done for our next guests. If there are no lodge guests and you are staying in the cottages, please ask us and we will arrange for you to use the laundry. It is $5 / wash and $5/load for the dryer but we ask you not to use the dryer but use our marvelous outside clothesline or our inside clothes racks to dry your clothes. There are also 2 laundromats in Golden, BC.

Q: Where are the Labyrinths
A: The Quartzite labyrinth is located on the North side of our property on the alluvial fan of Wydeen creek (crown land). You can access it from a trail behind the teepee or from Blaeberry Road (where it crosses over the creek). Walk down towards the river and right when the creek starts forming its alluvial fan, walk to the left.  The Transformational Labyrinth pathway is just below the Lodge to the Right of the Teepee Outhouse!

Q: Do you serve meals
A: We only serve meals during organized, group Retreats.  Each accommodations has their own full serviced kitchen and we provide everyone with fresh eggs from our chickens. In the Summer months of June, July, August, September we have a large vegetable garden and guests are welcome to pick some yummy veggies “by donation”.  There is a white board that will list everything that is available to pick.

Q: Is the river swim-able and what about those mud-baths
A: There is nothing better than heading down to the river on a hot summers day and taking a mud bath! The creek that is just to the north of us provides us with the most amazing clay and deep pools of mud. Cover yourself up, sit in the sun and then….. well this is when it becomes personal preferences…I prefer to rinse off in the comfort of a warm outside shower located by the teepee. Other folks like to rinse off in the Glacier coolness of the Blaeberry River YIKES! Remember the river was only a short time before a “glacier”. So this means that it is cold! All activities that you take part in by the river is taken at your own risk. It is public land. Please do not though go back to your lodge or cottage to rinse off. The clay clogs up the pipes. ENJOY!

Q: And finally the question everyone wished to know… What about BEARS
A: We are fortunate enough to live in a country and region of that country that still has wild creatures. From coyotes, fox, elk, moose, lynx, and deer to mountain lions, grizzly and black bear these four legged creatures are some that you may see while visiting with us. In the 10 years I have lived in the mountains I have yet to see a mountain lion. Some sightings are rare and you will be very lucky to see one. Bears have been known to walk through our property. When hiking around, please simply be aware of your surroundings and make noise when you are hiking. For our teepee guests, information about bears is posted in your teepee/at the kitchen and if you have any other questions, please ask.