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Meditation House

This beautiful Meditation House is available to be reserved by the hour, the day, the night, or for multiple nights.

This 8 sided straw bale constructed room is unique and amazing! You will find this sacred space warm, inviting, and so very lovely with hand painted artwork in the centre of the room. It truly is a work of art!

This space is open for overnight guests of one or two people who wish to “retreat” and spend time in Spiritual practice i.e meditation, yoga, shamanic etc.

For a small Retreat (no more then 10 people) that involves Meditation or the need for a group meeting/discussion space, this is an ideal place for you to gather. The upper deck can also host a small yoga class.

If you require a full day retreat, the Meditation House is available at flexible hours because of its secluded setting.

Other guests at Quantum Leaps may use the Meditation House at anytime as long as it is not booked by any overnight guests or retreats.


The Mediation House is available from beginning of May to end of September.

# of people RATES
1-2 people $100/night

The maximum is only 2 people for overnight stays.
For day use, 10 people can gather comfortably.
Taxes: 5% GST + 11% PST will be added.
NOTE: minimum overnight stay is 2 nights

About the accommodation:

The Meditation House is supplied with:

  • 10 meditation cushions
  • running cold water (drinkable)
  • outhouse nearby
  • wood stove and firewood
  • candles and matches (no electricity)
  • shared kitchen and shower between the teepee and Crystal House
  • 2 double beds with bedding (one outside and one futon inside)
  • mosquito netting for the outside bed

Renting the Meditation House

You can rent the House exclusively or post the hours on the door when your group will be using it. For guests on Personal Retreat at Quantum Leaps (accommodation guests) you may use the Meditation House by donation at any time as long as it is not pre-booked by an another person/group (there will be a sign on the door indicating hours being used). There is a sign by the front door that you can use to say that the room is occupied so you are not disturbed by other people during your time in Meditation.

The parking area for the Meditation House guests is about 200ft (50m) away.  This parking area is only available to those guests who have a 4×4 vehicle (no exceptions). Be prepared to carry your gear that distance. If your vehicle is not suited for the road, you will have to park in the lodge parking area which is an additional 100ft away up on top of the bank overlooking the Blaeberry River. A wheel barrow can be provided to haul your gear.

Note: this is a “camping” experience so please be prepared. When coming to stay in the Meditation House we encourage you to arrive early, i.e before night fall. This will simply make your experience that much more comfortable.

What to bring:
Bedding (sheets, duvet, pillows etc) and towels are provided.  There is no electricity at the Mediation House (off-grid) so please bring a flashlight along. For cool evenings/mornings – even in the warm summer months – we suggest you bring a warm sweater, gloves, and hat. We are located in the mountains and it can cool down noticeably at night.

Other things:
There is Wireless Internet available up at the Office from 8am to 9pm. And an emergency phone if needed. Cell phones may or may not work. At the office you can also charge any items that you need to.


To Reserve:

Email or phone Quantum Leaps at 250-344-2114 for more information and/or to discuss the date/time and your intentions for the time that you wish to reserve the Meditation House.

This beautiful space may be used for personal retreats or meditation sessions at any time. It’s a flowing part of gift-energy that brings goodness to our world!

DAY USE COST: $100 x 5% GST for full day use or $20/hour x 5% GST

PER NIGHT COST: $100/night x 16% tax

The deposit amount is 50% of your total stay/use.


  • Check-in from 4pm – 9:00pm
  • Check-out time is at 11:00am

Final payment due at check-in
Time: Mountain Standard Time


  • more than 1 month – 50% refund of deposit or 80% credit*.
  • less than 1 month – 30% refund of deposit or 50% credit*.
  • less than 1 week – 0% refund or credit* (unless personal emergency then 50%)

*credit for accommodation must be used within one year of cancellation.

Smoking & Alcohol – There is absolutely NO SMOKERS /NO SMOKING and NO ALCOHOL allowed at the Meditation House.  This is a space for spiritual practice i.e yoga, mediation, etc.

No Children – this space is not suitable for children.

Peace & Quiet – During your stay, you will be assisting in cultivating a “retreat” setting for all our guests. Peace and quiet are high priorities for all of us. We ask that you fully enjoy the environment and beauty of the land, labyrinth, wheel of life, and river.

Safety & Damages – On and around Quantum Leaps land, the land remains in its natural form. As such natural hazards exits. You are responsible for your own decisions and safety. And in the accommodations, you are responsible for any damage that occurs to Quantum Leaps property.


“It was a pleasure to spend time in your piece of paradise! This place has a raw sense of beauty and great energy. Your hospitality just blends in with the surroundings. Thank you for the ‘safe sanctuary’.”