Private Group Retreats

Organized Retreat bookings for 2020 is now open.

For 15 years now Quantum Leaps Retreats has been holding space for Retreats of all kinds; from Yoga to Shamanism to Silent Meditation to Forest Bathing and many more!

We are 17 km NW of Golden, British Columbia which is only a 2.5 to 3 hour scenic drive (through the Banff and Yoho National Parks) from Calgary, Alberta.   We are uniquely situated on the Blaeberry River between two Mountain Ranges: the Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Mountains.

PLEASE NOTE : We are a non – smoking/no smokers property and we respectfully request there be no alcohol on site during Retreats.

Thank you so much for being the keepers of the land and of this magical space.  It is my honour to return again and again to run workshops/retreats, to be renewed myself…Maria Kliavkoff, MK facilitations, Calgary, AB

Accommodations: For all Retreats we price out the accommodations by the BED, giving your participants different price options. The Private or Shared rooms are either in the Lodge, South Point Cottage, or North Point Cottage.  The Cliff House is a bunk bed/shared room space. The Teepee, River Room, and Meditation House are off grid spaces down by the River!

Break down of prices
Teepee bed (4 beds) – $40/night
River Room bed (1 bed) – $60/night
Meditation House (1 bed)-$60/night
Crystal House (2 beds) – $60/night
Shared room (12 beds) (2 people/room) – $75/night
Private room (10 beds) – $95/night
Shared Private – $120/night
(add 15% taxes)
Since coming to Quantum for the first time 4 years ago, it has changed my life ~ on the deepest of levels~ thank you for holding and creating a place for such transformation.Nikki Fortin, Canmore, AB

Meal Service: On request delicious organic meals can be provided. Our dining room can accommodate meals for up to 20 to 30 people. We need 8 people in the Retreat to provide Meal Service.  You can also choose to have your students provide one, two, or all of their meals, encouraging them to eat organic and make healthy choices. Each accommodation is equipped with fully serviced kitchens.  We are flexible with what you wish to create. Our prices are as follows:

$18 for breakfast (add 5%)
$23 for lunch (add 5%)
$34 for dinner (add 5%)

I can’t come down from the mountains yet!!!! for the beauty, the peace, and energy in your sanctuary is overwhelming!!!!Monyca Bouras, Shamanic Practitioner from Mexico

Retreat Spaces:   The Rumi Room is our largest indoor space – that is the preferred space for most Retreats to host Yoga Classes, teachings etc.  It is 40×40 ft with a full sound system, projector, and a white board. Rental fee is $200 for a weekend, $100/day,  or $20/hour plus 5% GST.  Built in 2013, there is a beautiful 8 sided Meditation House down by the river.  This is a perfect space for small groups (10 or less) to gather and practice in.  To rent this building, the cost is by Donation.

Retreat Options: To augment your Retreat you may add one of the many Spiritual Ceremonies and Healing Options for your group if you so decide. Some of our options are free and others have a cost associated with them.  Have a look at our website and see what resonates with your vision of your Retreat!

ASK FOR OUR PDF:  After reading all this information and delving deeper into our website, if you wish to continue to create a Retreat with us then please ask for our Workshop Policies 2020 PDF and get a Custom Retreat Quote by phoning Annette at 1-800-716-2494 or emailing us*After* booking with us, all NEW teachers/organizer are invited to come and visit for a FREE night (2 people only) to discuss intentions and to make sure we are an energetic match.

Thank you so much for all of your amazing warmth, hospitality, organization, generosity, and nurturing!  Our time here was more beautiful and more magical then we could have imagined.Rayya , Nathan, and Cyrus

Group retreat photo

Group retreat photo

Meditation House

Meditation House

Preparing the hot coals for a group firewalk

Preparing hot coals for the Fire Walking Ceremony

Dining Room

Dining Room

Rumi Room

The Vegetable Garden

Sign at the Front Entrance

Buddha by the Blaeberry River

  • Past Group/Retreats:
  • Sacred Story Retreat with Maria Kliavkoff August 2005, July 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010
  • Fire Retreat with Amarin June 2009, Sept. 2010
  • Gaia Clinic (Canmore) Tools for Clarity Retreat June 2009
  • Prana Yoga Teacher College month long Teacher Training Sep. 2009
  • Centre for Inspired Living Retreat Oct. 2009
  • Prana Yoga Studio Yoga Retreat Edmonton Alberta June 2010, July 2011
  • Atmapuri Project Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat Calgary Alberta June 2010, 2011, June 2014
  • Sufi Movement of Canada Rocky Mountain Camp June 2011 and 2012
  • Yoga Loft Studio 3 day Yoga Retreat, Edmonton AB August 2011
  • Kind Mind Fearless Life Retreat with Tom Compton September 2011 and 2012
  • Lotus Soul Gym Teacher training from Edmonton Sept. 2012
  • Shirley Johannson Meditation Retreat June 2012, May 2013
  • Language of Yoga Retreat June 2012 and June 2013, June 2014, June 2015, June 2016, June 2017
  • Align Yoga from Calgary Sept. 2012
  • Yoga in the Heart of Bragg Creek retreat Oct. 2012
  • Yoga Lounge Yoga Retreat Canmore AB Oct. 2012
  • Inner Journey’s Retreat May 2013
  • Yoga Santosha Calgary, AB August 2013, August 2014,
  • Soaring Eagles Men’s Group September 2013
  • Calgary Buddhist Centre May 2014, May 2015, May 2016, May 2018
  • Wellness Retreat with Jane Sponiar May 2014, May 2015, May 2016
  • Define Yoga June 2014, June 2015, June 2016, June 2017
  • Clarity Breathwork Retreat July 2014
  • CBEEN educators conference Oct. 2014
  • Dance and Yoga Retreat with Galina July 2015, July 2016, Sept. 2017, June 2018, October 2018, May 2019, September 2019
  • Living your Archetypes Retreat with Dianne and Corinne Sept. 2015, July 2016
  • Qi Gong Retreat with Ariel and Patti September 2018, September 2019
  • Yin Yoga with Stephanie Nosco Oct. 2016, May 2017, August 2017, September 2018, October 2019
  • Andrew Misle Yoga Sept. 2016
  • Jill Novak Retreat October 2018
  • Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Training Retreat June 2019
  • Body Fit Therapy Retreat May 2017, May 2018, May 2019
  • Beth Davis Yoga Retreat August 2019