Exploring the Golden BC Area

The Golden BC area, and in particular where we live in the Blaeberry Valley, offers so many beautiful activities in every season! There is amazing trail hiking and river rafting during the Summer! There is amazing cross-country skiing and snowshoeing during the Winter! And don’t forget in the Fall the Salmon run up the Blaeberry River attracting the Bald Eagles who feast on them. And in the Spring the orchids and wildflowers along the Blaeberry River are simply stunning.

About the Blaeberry River Valley

In the early 1800’s an English explorer, geographer and fur-trader by the name of David Thompson ‘discovered’ our remote valley deep in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia.  It was and still is a place of pristine natural beauty and abundant wildlife.  In his 1807 Journal Thompson referred to the valley’s river as “Portage Creek”.  The current name of “Blaeberry River” was later termed in 1811 by the Scottish fur trader Alexander Henry who named it using the Gaelic word “Blae” for blue and for the abundant berry bushes lining it’s banks.

Of course the Native Kootenai people were here first, living in harmony with the Mountains and animals that shared their valley. Today, little about the valley has changed.  It is still a place where elk and deer, wildcat and grizzly/black bear roam the wild.  In this natural setting on the banks of the beautiful Blaeberry River, Quantum Leaps offers unique accommodations and abundant opportunities for exploration, adventure, relaxation, and personal growth.  Come on your journey with us!

Right from Quantum Leaps you can do a 1 hour hike along the Blaeberry River.  You can also walk to Hedberg Creek Waterfalls or up Washout Creek canyon without driving anywhere.

The rest of the wonderful hikes around Golden and area are only accessible by car.  You can head West to beautiful Glacier National Park.  Or drive East into Yoho and Banff National Parks.  There are many gorgeous Rocky Mountain Hikes within a 1 hour drive from the Lodge.  In the Golden area too there are wonderful hikes.  For hikes like Gorman Lake and Mummery Glacier a high clearance vehicle or 4×4 is recommended to access them.  For ALL hikes in the area the website to do your research is goldenhikes.ca .  ENJOY and we hope to see you on the trail!