Personal Retreats

Do you need space and time alone to Rejuvenate and Rest?  Do you need to be Inspired and Empowered again in your life?  Then you need a Personal Retreat at Quantum Leaps.  Be a guest in our Lodge, the South Point or North Point Cottage, the Cliff House, the River Room, Meditation House, or one of our river-side Teepees. Set your own rhythm for your own healing journey.  These accommodations are varied in type and price.  There is something for everyone.  Based on availability of course.  And you could be one person or a small group of friends/family.  Every building/accommodations has its own kitchen for you to cook your own meals.  We provide you with a dozen eggs from our chickens.  During the Summer you can come to our large vegetable garden and pick some veggies for your meals as well.

Book a massage, foot spa, craniosacral treatment, shamanic drumming, or breathwork session.  Walk on the land, walk the Labyrinth, walk the Transformational Labyrinth,  sit and pray in the Rainbow Wheel of Life, journal by the river, relax by the river, meditate in the Meditation House, or relax in the hot-tub.  Go mud bathing or go on a scenic rafting trip.  Peace, rest, and healing will be with you at this time.  *Please note many of these activities are seasonal; only available from May to October! You will leave here feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!  You are the creator of your experience!

**Please note that Fire Walking Ceremonies and Sweat Lodge Ceremonies both require a minimum of 6 – 8 people, or you may be lucky that there is an event organized already on the dates that you wish to come on your Personal Retreat.

Inquire about your customized personal healing retreat at  1-800-716-2494 or Email us.