Healing Modalities


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At Quantum Leaps, we offer a variety of healing modalities so that you can access your inner wisdom and greater life force energy; the Inner Explorations.  Annette and Brian, over the years, have cultivated their different talents and skills and would be honoured to provide a healing session for you.  Each modality is explained in the different web pages of each on.  Whether you are on a Personal Retreat, part of a workshop, or a part of a Group Retreat, we can provide and create with you what you wish to experience.
***PLEASE NOTE that these options will NOT be available from August 5 to 16th, 2019 for Annette and Brian will be away on a Wilderness Canoe Trip. Quantum Leaps remains open for accommodations during this time!

Massage Therapy – Annette is a registered Bodyworker. Studying at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Annette attained her groundwork in Swedish massage techniques. She has also studied at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California studying Advanced Esalen Massage techniques. Read more

Fire Walking Ceremonies – Brian Olynek brings the ancient practice of Fire Walking into a contemporary setting while integrating the wisdom he acquired during his many visits to the Esalen Centre in California. Brian and Annette are inspiring teachers and motivators, always honouring that the fire is truly the teacher. Read more

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth – The Labyrinth is the Language of Light made visible. It is the language of the Divine – Sacred Universal Geometry – a measure of the Divine in manifest form. As you walk the Labyrinth, you come to know it as a place where you can profoundly experience your soul’s longing … your innermost purpose and intent. Read more

The Transformational Labyrinth – The Transformational Labyrinth is a hero’s journey, a warrior’s walk! It starts at the Stargate, “the portal”. On one side is who you are now. When you walk through the doorway, that leads to who you wish to become! This Labyrinth can be completed in a couple of hours or done over a span of a couple days. You can dictate your own journey. Usually it is done alone, by yourself, for you to delve deeply into your inner journey, your transformation, and spend time in quiet contemplation. Read more

Holotropic Breathwork – Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful method of self exploration, personal transformation and healing. It is based on and combines insights from modern consciousness research, depth psychology and various spiritual practices. Through breathing, evocative music, and focused release work, non-ordinary states of consciousness are induced. These states allow mobilization of the spontaneous potential of the psyche. Read more

Please Note
We are neither doctors or psychologists. We are not to be mistaken as a replacement for these professionals. On your healing journey, if you are wishing to explore alternative ways of healing you do so at your own risk and choice. We ourselves have experienced tremendous healing through the modalities that we provide.

Craniosacral Therapy – Annette has studied with the Upledger Institute her first 2 levels of Craniosacral Therapy. Benefits of Craniosacral treatments include: relaxation, health enhancement, relief from pain, and increase in energy. It is a clothes on technique that works with the inner wisdom of your body to guide to back to balance. Read more

shamanic drumming

Shamanic Drumming

Shamanic Drumming – Shamanic Drumming has been practised all over the world for about 100,000 years. Every culture had a “shaman woman/man” who would heal the people. It’s very roots were based in Northern European Cultures and in all cultures the core elements of the practice are the same. Read more

Sweatlodges – The sacred Sweat Lodge ceremony cleanses all four parts of the human body; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. People from all over the world, since the history of man begun, have been using sweat lodges as a tool for healing and ceremony for thousands of years. The Sweat Lodge will consist of four rounds, honouring each of the directions. This ritual is so profound, you will have the experience of being “reborn”, renewed, and cleansed. Even modern scientists have proven that the Sweat Lodge achieves the greatest benefits in cleansing and detoxifying the body. Read more

Platinum Energy Detox Foot Spa – is an easy way to rid your body of toxins and bring it into a more alkaline state. By simply soaking your feet in hot water, the foot spas electronic array (consisting of two polarized electrodes) will draw toxins from all of your cells. Detoxify, Rebalance, and Energize your body. Sessions are available for $40/person. The session lasts 1 hour (30 minutes with your feet in the Spa). Read more