Quantum Leaps Accommodations

Quantum Leaps Lodge and Retreats offers you Teepee, Cottage, and Lodge Golden, BC accommodations. We are a unique and wonderful place right along the Blaeberry River for people to come on Personal Retreat. Come and spend time with us to enhance your spiritual practice, to deepen your sense of self, to immerse yourself deeper into nature etc. There are so many reasons why people choose to stay here.

Retreat Organizers
If you’re a teacher or organizer who wishes to create a Retreat with us, then please visit our Retreat information web page, thank you.

For an unique and peaceful stay, we offer you a beautiful Main Lodge, a Cliff House, or two cozy Cottages (cabins); North Point Cottage and South Point Cottage… all setup to ensure your comfort.  For the more adventurous, we have two 26′ dia.(8 meters) Teepees and a secluded River Room or Meditation House available for rent.  Review each Lodging option to see what will best suit you or your group.  On each webpage is a  YouTube™ tour of the accommodations.

Guests are welcome to enjoy the beauty of the river, book a massage or other healing sessions, soak in our hottub (lodge, cottage, and cliff house guests only), have a “mud bath”(clothing optional) by the river, walk through our beautiful veggie gardens to collect some fresh produce, meet our chickens, and walk the transformational labyrinth.  You can, also come rafting with us to see the valley from the perspective of the river!  Your rest and rejuvenation is sure to happen as you disconnect from your past and future worries and just “be” during your visit with us.

Wow, what an amazing place this is!!!! It is so…uh…words are not enough…hours and hours spent at the river. Walking, sitting, listening to the water, enjoying the scenery. This is a “magic” place…Danny and Nelleke, Holland

We are a “pet friendly” lodge so quiet and friendly smaller* dogs are welcome.  *NOTE: some breeds of dogs are not allowed, please inquire and read our Pet Policy for our guidelines.  There is an extra fee for dogs to stay with you on Quantum Leaps Property, it is $25/dog/night.  Please be aware that our chickens run free on the property all day and therefore you *must* keep your dog(s) on a leash at all times!  In reward, the dozen fresh eggs in your fridge when you arrive will be the best you’ve ever tasted.

Main Lodge from the river bank

Main Lodge


Check-in time is between 4pm and 9:00pm Mountain Standard Time. Some or all members of your group must arrive by no later then 9:00pm MST (NO EXCEPTIONS! except under uncontrollable circumstances i.e road closure, vehicle breakdown etc.) to receive the orientation of your accommodations. ALL other members of your group must arrive by 10:00pm MST or else face a fee of $40 late check in fee. Sorry about that but we live in such a peaceful and quiet place that any noise after 10pm is a disturbance to other guests and staff. In the Teepees, River Room, and Meditation House we also prefer you arrive before it becomes dark out. Please note that Mountain Standard Time (MST) is used by the province of Alberta and some parts of eastern British Columbia, including the Golden area. And please plan your departure to check-out at or before 11:00 am.  Note that we’re on “Mountain Standard Time” (MST)… the same as Alberta.

To reserve your Accommodations a 30% deposit of your total booking is required.

There is a minimum 2 nights stay in in REGULAR and HIGH SEASON for all accommodations.  There is a minimum 3 nights stay during long weekends of the High Season.

There is Wireless Internet available, for people that need to stay connected, in your building or at/near the check-in/out Office between 8am and 10pm.  We are on mid-speed/mountain WI FI!

Cell phone coverage is spotty at best and highly dependent on your mobile phone service provider.  There is a land-line available in the South Point Cottage and in the Main Lodge for those guests.  Other guests may use an emergency land-line in the office between 8am and 9pm.

If you book a stay for 6 consecutive nights, then the 7th night is FREEChildren up to 3 years stay FREEGift certificates are also available; please contact Annette or Brian for details.

Late Arrival/Early Departure Policy: if you decide to shorten your stay, you will be responsible for paying the full amount owing for what you had originally booked.

NOTE: before you book one of our accommodations, please read both our Terms and Conditions and our Important Guidelines (below), Thank You.

Important Guidelines
The following Guidelines reflect who we are as owners/operators of this Retreat. Thank you for respecting our requests.
During your stay, you will be assisting in cultivating a “retreat” setting for all our guests and yourselves. Peace and quiet are high priorities for all of us. Quiet Hours are from 10pm to 8am and the hottub area is designated as a “Quiet Zone”. We ask that you fully enjoy the environment and beauty of the land, labyrinth, wheel of life, and river. Change your daily routine… ask for one of our Healing Sessions, spend time in Quiet Meditation or practise some Relaxing Yoga.

There is absolutely NO SMOKERS/SMOKING allowed on our property. There will be a $100 fine if you’re caught smoking. Please let go of your substance addictions while you’re with us. NO HARD ALCOHOL/NO PARTIES are permitted on site either; Wine & Beer are okay if consumed in moderation. As mentioned, a fine will be imposed on people who break these guidelines… no exceptions. Please find other accommodations if you can foresee members of your group smoking and/or drinking hard alcohol and/or consuming excessive amounts of alcohol while on our property, thank you. We are about raising our consciousness, not lowering it.

We also ask you to avoid participate in Ecocide while staying with us. Please do not bring any styrofoam plates, plastic utensils, or bottled water with you. We provide plates, utensils etc in all our accommodations and the water is excellent right out of the taps.

We also do not support motorized recreation; NO ATV’s or Snowmobiles will be allowed on our property. We believe in fresh air and natural exercise through activities like trail hiking, horseback riding, river rafting, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.