Why Retreat with us?

… many say it’s the location in the beautiful Blaeberry Valley and the creative, authentic uniqueness of Quantum Leaps Retreats! Brian and Annette feel so very grateful and honoured to be the caretakers of this small piece of “earthly paradise” during this period of their lifetime. To the Right is a list of a few of our many benefits and unique features… all you need to do is join us to EXPERIENCE it!

Buddha sitting along the banks of the Blaeberry River

  • Reasons to Retreat with us:
  • peace, quiet, and solitude.
  • RIVERSIDE with wonderful Mud Baths (clothing optional).
  • free range chickens and their eggs to eat.
  • large vegetable garden, greenhouse, and root cellar (by donation you are welcome to enjoy some fresh veggies from the Garden – seasonal dependent of course!).
  • wildlife wander through our property (deer, elk, coyote, fox, bear etc.).
  • hottub, cedar sauna, and massage room.
  • the stars at night, the sunsets, the alpenglow on the mountain peaks, the views!
  • 4 off grid accommodations; 1 beautiful 26′ diameter Buffalo Teepee, a straw-bale Meditation House, our funky River Room, and coming in 2019 a creative Crystal House!
  • comfortable lodge and cottages that are spacious and fully serviced with amazing views of the river and the Rocky and Purcell mountains that surround us.
  • radiant heat from the wood stoves.
  • massage therapy, CranioSacral therapy and other healing modalities are available i.e Shamanic Drumming, Breathwork.
  • quartzite labyrinth, transformational labyrinth, medicine wheel, and sweatlodge on site.
  • guided scenic rafting tours (Brian has been raft guiding for over 30 years).
  • close access to wilderness and hikes to waterfalls and glaciers.
  • winter time cross country skiing and snowshoeing on the river.