Quantum Leaps Dining Room

The Dining Room is where we serve our delicious organic meals for Quantum Leaps Retreat groups and Private Retreat groups.  It is located up in the same building as the office and Rumi Room.  We strive to create beautiful, organic (as much as possible), healthy, and tasty meals for your group. We can cater to most dietary needs as well i.e gluten free, vegan etc. We harvest from our own gardens and greenhouse as much as possible for the meals.  Even during the spring retreats we are using carrots and beets from the previous fall harvest.  These are stored in our Root Cellar for the winter.   In fact, over the years we have had so many requests for our recipes that we finally created a Quantum Leaps Cookbook, available to be purchased for $20.00.

A Blessing

The meals are served Buffet style with many options for everyone.  A full salad bar is available at Lunch and Dinner.  The tea bar is full of fascinating tea choices from around the world.  The tea bar is open all day if your group has booked full meal service from 8am to 8pm.  During Quantum Leaps Retreats, the price includes full meal service.

If you are a Private Rental group you do not have to commit to all 3 meals/day.  You can create your Retreat any way you wish from catering your own food (any meals you don’t book with us would then be made/served in the Main Lodge {maximum 15 people} or one of the other accommodations), to us only providing Dinners etc.  Whatever you wish to do is perfect!

Meals are typically served at 8:30am for Breakfast, 12:30pm for Lunch and 6:00pm for Dinner.  The Dining Room can seat comfortably 20 people to a maximum of 30 people.  .  The patio deck also has 3 tables so people can also enjoy eating outside.