Retreats in British Columbia

Welcome to our Retreat information page! Whether you are an individual looking to take part in a retreat or you’re a teacher/organizer looking for space to hold a private group retreat, you have arrived at the right place!  Quantum Leaps Lodge and Retreats endeavors to offer a variety rejuvenating retreats throughout the year such as spiritual retreats, yoga retreats, shamanic retreats, meditation retreats, and tantra retreats.

 Join us for a Retreat and come and discover more of yourself within a profound natural setting.  Be inspired and rejuvenated! Make a “quantum leap” in your life.

If you’re a teacher, you can organize a complete private Group Retreat.

At Quantum Leaps Retreats, we believe there are many paths to Spiritual living. We do not carry one flag such as Buddhism, or Shamanism. We honour all paths from Native American, to Pagan, Buddhism, Yogic traditions, Christianity, and many more. All ways are valid. As Rumi said “there are many ways to kneel and kiss the ground”

What a wonderful place is Quantum Leaps! What a perfect setting for the joyous work of creating inner and outer harmony. I will always remember our retreat here as one of our most special.Neale Donald Walsch, author Conversations with God

Upcoming 2017 Retreats

The following Retreats below are planned to provide a “safe sanctuary for inner and outer explorations”. Below, explore each retreat you’re interested in to find out the dates, rates and intention of each. In most instances, the package-prices for the various workshops are ALL INCLUSIVE, meaning they include your meals in our dining room, your accommodations, and the retreat teachings. We have options for every budget from a private room in the Main Lodge to a bed in the Teepee shared with other participants. All bathrooms are shared when you are here on a retreat.

To register for the Quantum Leaps Retreats (specified as such) listed below, please phone at 1-800-716-2494 (local: 250-344-2114) during our office hours between 9am and 6pm MST. Alternatively, you can email us with any questions you may have; we do our best to reply with answers within 24hrs. You can also go to the specific Retreat/Workshop webpage and register online with a deposit of $150 x GST and your preferred room preference. **Please note that some Retreats/Workshops are run by other groups and their contact information is included on the Retreat listing if you need to register with them directly. 

Scenic Riverside Retreat

Quantum Leaps really supported my practice. The land and the energy that has been cultivated here is very inspiring and powerful. The Shamanic Drumming was very healing and insightful. Thank you for your work and sincerity and true gentleness. We’ll be back again soon!Julie, Canmore AB
Since coming to Quantum for the first time 4 years ago, it has changed my life ~ on the deepest of levels~ thank you for holding and creating a place for such transformation.Nikki, Canmore, AB
With deep gratitude for your sharing of this sacred space.Bobbie, Ladysmith, BC
Thank you so much for being the keepers of the land and of this magical space. It is my honour to return again and again to run workshops/retreats, to be renewed myself…Maria, Calgary, AB
I AM Silent Meditation Retreat with Curran Watts
Join Define Yoga from Calgary, AB for this rejuvenating weekend of Silence, Meditation and Yoga. This 5 day silent meditation retreat is structured in similar ways to the traditional vippasana (insight) style meditation retreat, but instead reveals a meditative focus on the ancient Jnana Yoga mantra: I am That (So-hum). This will be Define Yoga’s 6th Retreat here at Quantum Leaps.
To register or for more information contact Curran at 403-990-7916 or visit
Forest Bathing Retreat with Ronna Schneberger
Forest Bathing, known in Japanese as Shinrin Yoku, is an age old activity with a 21st century twist. This weekend will introduce you to the practice of Forest Bathing to rejuvenate you from the inside out. You don’t need any prior experience in nature to receive the vast benefits this weekend will offer. To register or for more information contact Quantum Leaps at 1-800-716-2494 or at Read more about the Retreat….
Rising Into Radiance Retreat with Grace
Grace will be sharing her understanding of cultivating Light in our beings and raising our frequency to meet the Evolutionary impulse of these times. She draws from a deep reservoir of experience from her years of working with Vibrational Healing, both on herself and with thousands of people from all over the world. She will be offering a depth of insight into our journey of embodiment as Soul entering this very challenging human dimension. She works primarily with the awakening of the Heart and healing of our Emotional bodies. Many tools will be offered and explored in this aspect of vibrational healing, as well as focus on other powerful and important elements to raising our vibrational frequency into a more luminous embodiment. Grace will touch on a raw, vegan (but not exclusively), high vibrating diet.
To register or for more information contact Quantum Leaps at 1-800-716-2494 or
Read more about the retreat…
Harvesting Happiness: A Silent Retreat to Expand the Heart with Stephanie Staniforth
For centuries, a silent retreat has played a vital role in almost every spiritual path. Silent retreat provides a refuge away from our cell phones, traffic, and the various rolls we are required to play in our family and professional lives. Silence allows us to enter deeply into the present moment, revealing the deeper truths the lie underneath the distraction. Join Stephanie Staniforth and Adam Stonebraker this August for a week of silence, meditation and Yin and Yang Yoga. The theme for this retreat will be the Buddha’s Four Immeasurables, the qualities that cultivate an intrinsic sense of happiness and well being. Each day you will be guided through two yoga sessions per day, as well as guided meditations on the themes of equanimity, kindness, compassion and empathetic joy. Your tuition also includes your accommodation (of your choice) three delicious organic meals per day, and plenty of silent reflection time amidst the beautiful Canadian rocky mountains. To register please visit or email

Mesa level 1 Training with David Richardson, Sharon Richardson and Gary Grono
To learn about this Retreat link to this PDF; Mesa Level 1 Training To book the Retreat and Teachings please contact Gary at 250-571-7256 or
Release! What a beautiful, liberating weekend! Letting go of the old – and allowing in the new. I’m refreshed, re-energized, and ready to embrace what’s next in life. Thank you for enabling this experience.Julie Calgary, AB
I am transfixed by the subtle and majestic beauty of your home. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am sure I will see you again.Marissa, Calgary, AB
Brian and Annette- Thank you so much for creating this wonderful space. Annette your cooking is fabulous. Quantum Leaps will always be in my heart!Robyn, Calgary, AB
I can’t come down from the mountains yet!!!! for the beauty, the peace, and energy in your sanctuary is overwhelming!!!!Monyca Bouras, Shamanic Practitioner from Mexico