Owners of Quantum Leaps Retreats

Quantum Retreats owner Brian Olynek

Brian Olynek

Brian Olynek aka Ahynx (means fire in the heart) is the founder of Quantum Leaps Retreats. A resident in the Blaeberry valley since 1976, he has been blessed with the wonderful opportunity to continually create/caretake this beautiful retreat and workshop centre. In the past, he has lead numerous adventure rafting trips and wilderness experience workshops in such places as the Grand Canyon, Mexico, New Zealand, and the remote northern Canada and Alaska.

Brian “O” has studied and taught in places like the world famous Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, and has been licensed in various areas of personal growth movement and in outdoor activities such as White Water Rafting, Fire-walking, and Holotropic Breathwork. He has done Sweat Lodges and Vision Quests, nurturing his warrior nature. For a number of years, Brian ran successful Rafting Adventure Companies based in Golden, BC. He did the first descents on many rivers, including the Kicking Horse and Blaeberry rivers. Brian has nurtured a passion for outdoor adventure since his early adulthood. He is both an accomplished outdoor person and a perceptive teacher and guide. He is also the builder and creator of all the buildings at Quantum Leaps. He is now passionate about sustainability and creating a life “off grid” and self reliant.

Annette Boelman aka Dancing Deer

Annette Boelman

Joining Brian’s journey in 2003 is his life partner  Annette Boelman  aka Dancing Deer.   Annette is a registered bodyworker, trained in Massage at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts.  She is also a Craniosacral Therapist with her training with the Upledger Institute.  She is a seeker of knowledge and spirit.  She has also studied and practised Shamanic Drumming over the last 17 years.

Nature/Native Spirituality is where Annette finds her peace and reference for all that is divine and good. In 2006, she and Brian were guided to begin leading Sweatlodges for all people, guided by the Grandmothers. She has been living in the Canadian Rockies since 1996 (coming from the Edmonton region) and moved in 2003 from Canmore, AB. Golden, BC is just the natural progression. She has joined the Quantum Leaps’ vision and goals with a loving and open heart. The lodge is evolving as they work together in common vision, purpose, and love. You will find her outside in the Garden, nurturing and loving all the vegetables that is grown here on the land. She loves to canoe, hike, and explore beautiful places in the world.

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Our Personal Goals

Annette and Brian drumming

Annette and Brian Drumming

  • to discipline myself to be in tune with myself and to follow my priorities, and to nurture those seeds to fruition.
  • to come from our hearts more and more.
  • to be focused on preserving and enhancing my relationships and on achieving results rather than being focused on “time” and on “things”.
  • to come to know my inner knowingness and integrity.
  • to do no harm (but take no shit).
  • to be aware.
  • to be a channel for wisdom and strength.
  • to be of service.
  • to come from a place of honesty and truth in everything we do.