Annette is a Registered Bodyworker. Studying at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Annette attained her groundwork in Swedish massage techniques. She has also studied at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California studying Advanced Esalen Massage techniques.

Swedish Massage (photo11)

Swedish Massage

Annette is a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association. She is a member in good standing and is able to do insurance claims for some clients depending on their insurance provider.

Chantal Calgary, AB “Thank you so much for this great weekend. I needed those massages more then ever, but I wasn’t expecting to get the BEST massage ever….no more pain!”

Contact Annette by email, or phone 1-800-716-2494 to book a wonderful massage. Please book 12 hours in advance if possible. We suggest you relax in our hot tub or sauna before beginning your massage session.



$40 for 0.5 hour treatment
$80 for 1.0 hour treatment (popular)
$120 for 1.5 hour treatment

Her work extends from her training with an intuitive and compassionate approach to access your body’s innate ability to heal and to move to a higher level of functioning.

Swedish Massage (photo2)

Swedish Massage

She is a holistic practitioner and thus various healing modalities may be applied during your session, including Esalen Massage, Craniosacral techniques, Shiatsu, Reiki, Structural Integration, medical massage techniques, and Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Massage).

Tammy Calgary, AB “Annette, your hands are truly a gift and I will remember that massage for a long time! Thank you!




Massage benefits include:

  • increase in blood supply and nutrition to muscles
  • stimulates lymph circulation for a higher functioning immune system
  • increase in metabolism
  • stress reduction
  • effectively interrupts the pain cycle by relaxing muscles, increasing circulation, and removing metabolic waste products
  • promotes recovery and improved overall muscle balance
  • promotes healing of injured tissue
  • increases peristalsis of intestines and promotes elimination
  • dilates blood vessels, improving circulation and relieving congestion throughout the body