The Transformational Labyrinth is a hero’s journey, a warrior’s walk! It starts at the Stargate, “the portal”. On one side is who you are now.  When you walk through the doorway, that leads to who you wish to become! This Labyrinth can be completed in a couple of hours or done over a span of a couple days.  You can dictate your own journey.  Usually it is done alone, by yourself, for you to delve deeply into your inner journey, your transformation, and spend time in quiet contemplation.  Here is the Introduction that you will read when you arrive at the Transformational Labyrinth…[/cs_text][x_blockquote cite=”” type=”left” style=”font-size: 105%;padding-bottom: 0;”]This portal here is the entrance, the Star Gate, to the Transformational Labyrinth that contains 8 Sit Spots. At each sit spot there is an intention and a task/creative project/an awareness of your programming so that you can break free (of our fear based society) and of the matrix – both the external i.e. the patriarchal, consumeristic, competitive jungle and the internal i.e. your own matrix/negative programming that has been created inside of you.

Transformational Labyrinth

DO NOT enter unless you truly wish to let go of your fear based programming/concepts.

If you say YES! then proceed to the bench behind you. Open the box and read the instructions (this is Sit Spot ‘0’).

This journey can potentially take several hours… or days (you can do it in stages). You may even treat yourself to sleeping outside; under a blanket of stars on the roof of the meditation room or at the Eagles nest! This journey will potentially Enable you and Empower you to liberate the “metta” within your being. Please Note: The Transformational Labyrinth is intended for Adult use only. Children 14 yrs and under are allowed but only under the supervision of an adult. That being said, the sit spot and topics on this journey are not really appropriate for children.

The Transformational Labyrinth is available only in the snow free months from around mid-April to early November.

First box

First box of many guides