Meditation House

This beautiful Meditation House is available to be reserved by the hour, the day, the night, or as long as you wish! This 8 sided straw bale constructed room is unique and amazing! You will find this sacred space warm, inviting, and so very lovely with hand painted artwork in the centre of the room. It truly is a work of art!

For one or two people you can stay in this space to rejuvenate and relax. For any Retreat that involves Meditation or the need for a group meeting/discussion space, this is an ideal place for you to gather. The upper deck can also host a small yoga class. If you require a full day retreat, the Meditation House is available at flexible hours because of its secluded location.

The Meditation House can also be a sleeping accommodation for a single person or couple. There is an outhouse right there. The cooking facilities are also near by with everything you need for cooking simple meals. This is the same cooking area as the teepee guests.

The rent for accommodation and use is by donation.

You can rent the House exclusively or post the hours on the door when your group will be using it. For guests on Personal Retreat at Quantum Leaps (accommodation guests) you may use the Meditation House for free at any time as long as it is not pre-booked by a group (there will be a sign on the door indicating hours being used). There is a sign by the front door that you can use to say that the room is occupied so you are not disturbed by other people, unless they wish to join you in Meditation.

Email or phone Annette at 1-800-716-2494 for more information or to discuss the date/time you wish to reserve the Meditation House. The deposit amount is $60 CDN plus 5% GST.

Rental by Donation

This beautiful space may be used for personal weekend retreats, day-time meditations, and an overnight solitude to “re-energize”.  It’s a flowing part of gift-energy that brings goodness to our world!

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This sacred and special Meditation House is strictly NO Pets, NO Children, NO Alcohol and NO smoking/smokers. THANK YOU!
  • The Meditation House is supplied with:
  • 10 meditation cushions
  • running cold water (drinkable)
  • outhouse nearby
  • wood stove and firewood
  • candles and matches (no electricity)
  • shared kitchen and shower between the two teepees
  • 2 double beds with bedding (one outside and one futon inside)
  • mosquito netting for the outside bed