MatheMystical Spirit Face Mask Making Retreat

“A magical, mystical journey of creativity”
with SteV


May 26-28th, 2023

Day One: Designing the masks from a MatheMystical visual journey

Come and ignite your creative side and journey into the Mystical.  You will design a mask through the introduction of a visual journey into the MatheMystical. The instructor uses a series of miniature stage settings so the mask maker is enabled to create a Spirit facemask from their own imagination.

Making a mask does not require advanced skills of an artist but a step-by-step understanding of guidelines from examples of finished masks. As a beginner mask maker the design needs to be grounded into the workability of materials and tools, the leather, stains, dyes, carving, stamping, wet shaping, and drying.

The design is drawn on paper with the proportions scaled to the face of the maker and made ready to scribe into leather on day two.

Day Two: Hand crafting the mask

Becoming familiar with the materials and tools requires working with scraps of leather before working on the leather mask. Once confident the mask maker will be instructed step-by-step to build the mask to completion.

Hand crafted leather Spirit facemasks are wearable, light, and flexible and retain their form so they can be hung as wall art.