Fire Walking Seminar

The firewalk offers an effective and compelling model for resolving personal and planetary challenges: squarely and honestly face the fire; affirm your connection to the earth, to her elements, and to your fellow travellers; join in the rituals of wholeness; say yes to your fears and let their energies boil into excitement; listen to your inner guidance, open to a clear intention and, when your moment arrives, step forward. Even better, let go into JOYOUS and ECSTATIC dancing. (From Dancing With The Fire, 1989)Michael Sky, Bear & Co.

Dancing with the Fire

Next Fire Walk Ceremony: TBA

Brian Olynek and Annette Boelman bring the ancient practice of Fire Walking into a contemporary setting while integrating the wisdom they have acquired during their many visits to the Esalen Centre in California and in their travels to many sacred places all over the world. They are gentle teachers and motivators, always honouring that the FIRE is truly the teacher.

Fire Walking Seminar – Board Breaking

We do Fire Walking Seminars here on the land in Golden, BC or if you wish we can travel to your location.  Please contact us for more information. For a private Fire Walk Ceremony the cost is $75/person or a minimum of $500.00. Plus 5 % GST.

This workshop will give you the tools to empower your life so that you can work and play, live and love 100%; to be in the flow; to embrace life’s magical moments! To release all your fears into the healing Fire.  And at the same time we are keeping alive the sacred nature of an ancient ritual. Fire Walking has been practiced by people all over the world for 1000’s of years. It serves as an unforgettable demonstration of human potential and a way to deeply connect with the living consciousness of this earth.

Fire Walking Seminar – Drumming

The Dancing with the Fire seminar is about a 4 hour ritual conducted in the evening, with the Fire Walking done after sunset. The participants take an active role in coming together as a group to build and bless the fire. As the large wood fire burns down into a bed of hot coals, we explore the nature of personal and shared reality, while learning to transform fear and limiting beliefs.

Our goal during this seminar is to let go of what stops us from being 100% in life. We move through different activities to lead us finally to the final event of the evening the fire walk. The dancing is initiated and those who choose to can join in the experience. All participation is voluntary in each part of the seminar and the evening, no matter what you do, is always a powerful teaching.

Many people say that this evening event is the most transformational experience of their lives. Whether or not you walk on the coals, you will feel empowered by this inspiring workshop.

Please Note:
Please do not consume alcohol the day of the Ceremony. Alcohol lowers consciousness and you are coming to the Seminar to raise your consciousness. Thank you for respecting this boundary. Please come clear and ready in your mind and body. And also there is No Smoking allowed on the Land! Thank you!

Annette Boelman and Brian Olynek Quantum Leaps Retreat Centre

Brian and Annette

Brian and Annette have nurtured a passion for the Elementals of Life and have always been keen students of consciousness/energy.  The Fire Walk has changed the way they perceive life.

… thank you for being such patient and loving, trustworthy guides through this undescribable Firewalking weekend journey.  You are such beautiful people individually and together.  Your happiness and strength shines and is inspiring.Tammy from Calgary, AB

Brian “O” is the founder of Quantum Leaps Retreats in Golden, BC.  A resident in the Blaeberry valley since 1974, he has been blessed with the wonderful opportunity to continually create/care-take this beautiful retreat/lodge and workshop centre.  Annette joined in partnership in 2003.  Annette and Brian are gentle teachers and motivators, always honouring that the fire and the elements are truly the teacher. Brian began walking “on fire” in 1982, with Angie from Findhorn, Scotland, a day that forever changed the way he perceived and received life.  In 1994 he did the American week long certification course with the Sundoor Institute. Since then he has guided, or as he would say “held space for” 1000’s of people on the journey across the fire.  The day before Brian and Annette celebrated their love, Annette walked across the hot coals for the first time.  Since then (2004) the “dynamic duo” have been teaching the Fire Walking Seminars together.

Brian and Annette have studied in places like the world famous Esalen Institute in California and have been licensed in various areas of personal growth movement and in outdoor activities such as White Water Rafting, Fire Walking, Breathwork, Shamanic Drumming, Craniosacral and Massage.  For a number of years Brian ran a successful Rafting Adventure Company based in Golden, BC.  He did the first descents on many rivers, including the Kicking Horse and Blaeberry rivers.

Burning wood for the firewalk.