The sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony cleanses all four parts of the human body; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

This Sweat Lodge is located in Golden, British Columbia on 11 acres 17 km NW of the town in the beautiful Blaeberry Valley.   It is located on the private land of Quantum Leaps Retreat Centre.

We offer the Sweat Lodge ceremony only for Groups of a minimum of 6-8 people as part of your sacred stay with us or as part of your organized group Retreat with us.  For more information please call us at  1-800-716-2494 or  email us.

Sweat Lodges are available from late April to October. As part of your Groups experience, we require you to stay with us for 2 nights on the land, to begin the journey .  For Accommodation information please visit our Accommodations page.

People from all over the world have been using Sweat Lodges as a tool for healing and ceremony for thousands of years. The Sweat Lodge will consist of four rounds, honouring each of the directions and the 4 elements of life. This ritual is so profound, you will have the experience of being “reborn”, renewed, and cleansed. Even modern scientists have proven the Sweat Lodge achieves the greatest benefits in cleansing and detoxifying the body.  The Sweat Lodge Ceremony may last from 2 to 4 hours depending on the group size and the journey of the group.

Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge

A donation (suggested $50/person) is needed to support the offering of this ceremony.  A minimum of 6-8 people in a group is required to run a private ceremony. It takes a great amount of physical and spiritual energy (i.e firewood and around 4 hours of time) to hold a Sweat.  It is also welcome that you bring a gift of Sage, Tobacco, or other Smudge.  Traditionally, after a Sweat Lodge Ceremony, we Feast together.  We can either provide that for you at $34/person or have a combined Potluck dinner together if desired.

At Quantum Leaps Retreats our Sweat Lodges are contemporary unless otherwise requested. Annette and Brian from Quantum Leaps Retreats have been holding space for this Ceremony for 12 years now. Annette was guided to start leading Sweat Lodge Ceremonies when Spirit nudged her during a Vision Quest.  Brian adds his coyote energy to the Ceremony!

Sweatlodge - heating the rocks

Heating the Rocks

The Lodge itself is a Rainbow Lodge and shaped like Grandmother Spider with 13 legs. The energies and colours of the 13 Original Clan Mothers have been invited in to heal and guide us. The ancient ones support us all.  All nations and all people are invited to partake in the lodge. The traditions and the ceremony are sacred and done in a sacred way revering all 8 directions of the Rainbow Lodge, the elements, and our unlimited selves. It is a place of contemplation and prayer, to be in reverence with Mother Earth.  We will drum, sing songs, and share prayers for healing.

Sweat Lodge Ceremonies 2020:

Dates: TBA

Suggested Donation is $50/person