A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation tools.

The Labyrinth at Quantum Leaps Retreat is available to be walked during the snow free months usually from mid-April to early November.

Quantum Leaps Retreat Guests are welcome to walk the Labyrinth at any time.

Non-guests/drop-ins can visit the Labyrinth by driving past the main entrance of Quantum Leaps for about 200 metres to the bridge, parking there and walking down. About 1/2 way to the Blaeberry River (100 metres) walk to your Left and you will be there.

The Stargrid of the Canadian Rockies

The Labyrinth is the Language of Light made visible. It is the language of the Divine – Sacred Universal Geometry – a measure of the Divine in manifest form. As you walk the Labyrinth, you come to know it as a place where you can profoundly experience your soul’s longing … your innermost purpose and intent.

Entering a Labyrinth’s Sacred Space can open you to experiences beyond the ordinary. The Labyrinth’s inmost harmonics can take you back into your own recorded memory, into a Sacred Past of deep connection to the Holy.

This Labyrinth, at Quantum Leaps Retreats in the Blaeberry Valley, is part of a large leyline system initiated by Spirit in 1989. At that time a similar vision to lay crystals in star grids was received by three women who happened to be strangers at the time. Each of these women simultaneously pursued their vision, which resulted in geometric leylines in the Canadian Rockies, Colorado Rockies, and Andes in South America. Through Divine orchestration, all three grids were completed in this same year.

Mikah Elaya (cosmic name received in 1989 in Mt. Shasta) was in deep spiritual union with Archangel Mikael when she received directives to create the StarGrid in the Canadian Rockies. In the years following the completion of the grid nine Sacred Sites were revealed to her where contact with the Great Archangel’s Electronic Body of Light are facilitated.

“I also wanted to talk with you both at some point later about the Labyrinth, as it has always been my dream to build one on the Sanctuary for the children (and I ) to use daily. I adore yours. I have walked many Labyrinths in the world and yours is the most magnificent and powerful I have ever experienced!”

As a gathering place of praise & celebration, our Labyrinth, is the focal point for the 9th Sacred Site of the Canadian Rockies’ StarGrid. This site was initiated on Mikaelmas, Archangel Mikael’s Feast Day on September 29th, 2002.  Deep in the heart of the mountain, which towers above the Labyrinth, there is an electromagnetic vortex. This powerful ‘balanced’ vortex is the Sacred Site that Lord Mikael designated as the energetic focus of the Labyrinth.

It is in walking this Labyrinth, that you will experience inner healing and profound contact when your spirit is ‘ready’. The balancing frequencies emitted by the vortex can activate a resonant shift within the DNA, effecting a Holy Marriage within. This process further engenders the outer balance of yin/yang energies, to facilitate the manifestation of the Reunion of Twin Flames upon this sweet Earth.

Starwalker in the new centre of the Labyrinth 2012

Mikah Elaya in the new centre of the Labyrinth (2012)

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CONTACT INFORMATION:  Mikah Elaya –  elaya1111@gmail.com

On June 21-23rd, 2012 the Labyrinth was re-emerged.  For 10 years the Labyrinth was created in a certain way.  In 2012, Mikah Elaya received a message from Spirit that it was time to recreate the Labyrinth as it was always intended.  And so 12 people in 2012 spent the weekend re-emerging the Labyrinth, to create a stronger vortex of light then ever before.  The time had come for more light to enter our world!

Please inquire with us info@quantumleaps.ca