Detoxify, rebalance, and energize with a Platimum Energy Systemx Foot Spa session.  We are all exposed to various sorts of pollutants, chemicals, and toxins on a daily basis in our 21st century.  These toxins enter your body in 3 ways: through the skin, the digestive system, and the lungs.  They interfere with your body’s ability to work properly.  Trauma, stress, and modern day diets all disturb your body’s natural ability to excrete these toxins.

The Foot Spa is one of the easiest and most pleasant ways to detoxify your body, restore your energy levels, and return you to a natural state of health and well being.


Toxins exit your system naturally through the sweat glands.  Your feet contain over 2000  sweat glands each. This is more then anywhere else on your body.  When you place your feet in the warm salt water, toxins are eliminated as the specially designed system stimulates the sweat glands of the feet to expel their contents into the water.  Saunas and steams work in the same way, as does exercise!

I feel so relaxed and fabulous after a session. Nothing I have ever experienced comes close to this feeling of well being. I sleep better, breathe better, and feel more refreshed! – Marion, Age 88

Sessions available at $40 each plus 5% GST. All sessions include 30 minutes in the foot spa plus a lovely 5 minute foot massage.