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Quantum Leaps Retreat Participants

PLEASE NOTE*** During your stay, you will be assisting in cultivating a “retreat” setting for all our guests and yourselves. Peace and quiet are high priorities for all of us. Quiet hours on the property are from 10pm to 8am and the Hot Tub area is designated as our Quiet Zone. We ask that you fully enjoy the environment and beauty of the land, labyrinth, wheel of life, and river. Ask for one of our Healing Sessions or spend time in meditation or practising Yoga. There is NO SMOKING or SMOKERS allowed on the property. We tried to still allow smokers to stay with us and smoke off property. We have had too many people break that trust and caught people smoking on site and throwing their butts on the land. So now we have to say NO SMOKERS allowed on our property. There is a $100 Fine if you are caught smoking on property. Leave your addictions at home. And NO HARD ALCOHOL is permitted on site; WINE and BEER ONLY in moderation. A fine will be imposed on people who break these guidelines. We tried to allow people to be moderate in their consumption of all alcohol but as it turned out we have had many people abuse our policy. If you or your group or family’s focus is to drink, then we respectfully request you find other accommodations. We are about raising our consciousness, not lowering it. We also do not participate in Ecocide… please do not bring any styrofoam plates, plastic utensils, or bottled water with you. We provide plates, utensils etc in all our accommodations and the water is excellent right out of the taps. We also do not support motorized recreation. We believe fresh air and exercise through hiking. horseback riding, rafting, and cross country skiing or snowshoeing are the best ways to enjoy nature. So PLEASE no ATV’s, Snowmobiles, or Jet Skis.

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