Mudbathing!  Some find it CLEANSING and REJUVENATING! Others enjoy the experience with friends for a FUN and PLAYFUL afternoon in the sun!  The Blaeberry River, right in front of our Teepees, has amazing pools of Glacial Clay that provides a wonderful opportunity to get cleansed!  The clay is like any you would get at a fancy Spa.  Have fun, cover yourself with clay, and “wash those wrinkles down the river!” (in the utmost of respect for the human body, time at the mud-baths can be clothing optional, if you choose!)

Every summer we have an abundance of MUD here at Quantum Leaps.  It makes for a lot of fun “wallowing” in the mud and in fact perfect for taking in the healing properties of this magical Blaeberry Clay.  We were blessed one year to have one of our guests show us the deeper blessings of the clay.  As a trained geologist, she gave us the physical breakdown of the clay and how truly healing it really is. The Clay (smedite) is a flocculent..that means it helps to release toxins from the body.  After serious mudding, you do need to take it seriously and replace your bodies moisture with 8 glasses of water.  The Clay is water loving; so it draws out your water (and toxins).

Why does mud bathing work?  Mud bathing goes back to Egyptian times. Cleopatra bathed in the black mud of the Dead Sea frequently as part of her beauty routine.

Why take a mud bath?  To begin with its very relaxing.  And the clay simply sucks the stress out.  The hydrophilic nature of the Blaeberry River mud can improve your complexion, relax your muscles, and flocculate your toxins.  This cleansing process can offer health benefits at many levels.  And it just feels so good.  It is recommended to drink 6-8 glasses of water after each mudding.


Mud Bathing next to the Blaeberry River

Mud Bathing next to the Blaeberry River


*draws impurities from the skin/unclogs pores

*exfoliates/removes dead skin

*cleanses your skin


*stimulates circulation

*and it just FEELS GREAT!