• Provide great hospitality and accommodations at our Golden BC Retreat Centre.
  • Speak our truth and uphold our Quantum Leaps values even if it means tough love at times.
  • Provide a quiet, relaxing, and rejuvenating environment for all our guests.
  • Provide a spiritually safe sanctuary for inner and outer exploration, focusing on self empowerment and the joyous celebration of life.
  • Provide a place for those who dare to go beyond, to seek out new ways of “being” with ourselves, our mates, our workplace, our community, and our environment.
  • Enable seekers to be in integrity with our natural environment with Mother Earth.
  • Continue to find ways to live sustainably on our planet through our gardens, greenhouse, chickens, compost pile, and solar panels.
  • Inspire and empower our guests to look at living in the world in new ways.
  • Live with passion and are truly immersed in growth and expansion.
  • Do this by offering the kind of work/play workshops that are the “evidence of life lived, rather than some kind of abstracted conclusion of how things might be.” (quote from Leonard Cohen).
  • Respectfully ask you that you do not indulge in alcohol or substance “abuse”, and absolutely NO SMOKERS/NO SMOKING….thank you.

QUANTUM LEAPS GARDEN – Our Regenerative Living

Please read/print the Quantum Leaps Poetic Statement of Purpose .

Our economic philosophy:
It has become customary in business to offer services for the highest possible price that people will pay. “All the Market can bear” as a sales manager once told us. This might aptly be termed the philosophy of “sell”. We attempt to do something different. Instead of attempting to “sell” lodging and retreats, our purpose in life is simply to provide a resource/a place for those who may be interested. We believe in the philosophy of “access” and “availability” of our space to more people then fewer people. We have different accommodations and retreats available so that you have more choice based on your budget and expectations of your experience here at Quantum Leaps. The experience, no matter how much $ you pay for it, is priceless. We hope you think so.

We’re proud supporters of :
Greenpeace, World Vision, Plan Canada, Wildsite, David Suzuki Foundation, CCPA, COC, Green Party of Canada, Eco-Justice, and Other Charities

Traditions of Mother Earth, the Land We Sit Upon…
We welcome you to the old and sacred land and invite you to share in the beauty of the land. We ask that you show respect for the land.

Following our inner purpose, we have graciously opened up our home to all who come in respect. Knowing that it is the eleventh hour (now) and it is time for all  people to come together, we intend to facilitate world peace, love, and harmony through practicing many of the ways and teachings of many cultures including the Native Americans.

This information will serve as a guide to introduce you to the customs and traditions of Quantum Leaps and we ask you to observe and honor these ways during your stay on our sacred land.

Sacred Customs and Traditions

  • we are always continually giving thanks to Great Spirit, to our Mother Earth, and to the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms. They understand that by living from the heart, they will always receive the blessings and protection of the Great Mystery.
  • we honor all living things on Mother Earth as sacred, so please do not harm any living thing during your visit. This means all insects, animals large and small, birds, and all plant life.
  • Quantum Leaps is a no smokers/non smoking and limited alcohol property (wine and beer only in moderation).
  • If you see someone littering, please ask them to stop. Nor do we indulge in junk food, alcohol to excess, or support the pollution of the Earth, caused by the chemicals produced for such food or the diseases caused by eating them.
  • we do not talk loud or talk out of turn, please follow this practice by keeping quiet and respectful of the silence during your visit.
  • we are at times in ceremony on the land, if you see someone sitting alone or talking to someone please do not disturb them until they ask.
  • we build altars and place objects of stone, crystals, material, and totems throughout the land, please do not pick up any stone or other objects during your stay.
  • we live in several private residences situated throughout the land, so please do not disturb unless you are invited.
  • we do not allow the abuse of alcohol on the land.
  • please do not drive cars fast, honk their horns or rev up their motors on the land, and do not drive off the roads onto native grass to park, as our children and animals often play near the roads.
  • if you have any questions about the above traditions, please ask us for more information. We are happy that you have decided to visit our land and thank you for treating it, and us, with respect. Your consideration of our ways will make our time together more enjoyable.

Mitkuye Oyasin
Good Day!