Rising Into Radiance


  • provide a safe sanctuary for inner and outdoor explorations.
  • to ignite your passion, there by creating greater synchronicity in your daily life.
  • harmonize your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual being.
  • continue the journey of self discovery; inspiring and empowering you.
  • focus on self empowerment and the joyous celebration of life
  • nurture and rejuvenate yourself.
  • access a greater life force energy for joy and peace to prevail.

IMPORTANT: All our Retreats at Quantum Leaps are Pet/Dog Free, Alcohol Free, Smoking/Smoker Free, and we request that you to put your Cell Phone away for the weekend!


Review the Retreat Packages listed at the bottom of this page. A deposit of $150 plus 5% GST is required for each person. To register and make a deposit, please phone Annette at 1-800-716-2494 (250-344-2114)
OR make your deposit online…
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You are welcome to arrive early or stay longer for a reduced rate of $30 per night plus tax in the Teepee / Cliff House, or $60 per night plus tax in the Lodge / Cottage (max 2 nights).


  • More Than 1 Month
  • deposit returned less $50 administration fee, or
  • $120 in credit for future use (within one year) at Quantum Leaps Lodge, or
  • total amount transferred to another person for the same retreat.
  • Less Then 1 Month
  • deposit returned less $75 administration fee, or
  • $100 in credit for future use (within one year) at Quantum Leaps Lodge, or
  • total amount transferred to another person for the same retreat.
  • Less Then 2 Weeks
  • no deposit returned unless transferred to another person for the same retreat.

Rising Into Radiance Retreat with Grace

Dates: 2018 TBA

This Rising into Radiance Retreat is an invitation to all who will listen to the call of their soul… the call to be more than we have ever been, to arise and awaken to our destiny to become luminous embodiments of Divinity.

To Rise into Radiance is to answer the call of our evolutionary blueprint: It is to be fully Human and more than Human as we have thus far known ourselves to be upon this planet. To become “Homo Luminous”… luminous beings of Light.Grace

At a time of unprecedented crisis upon our world, we stand before a threshold of supernal change.  We are at a crossroads; a moment in time of great transition; a choice point. Evolve or go extinct ~ this is the mandate offered to any species preparing to shift into a higher life-form.
Great evolutionary shifts upon this planet have always occurred under crisis.  A diamond is formed under pressure; a butterfly emerges only after it has surrendered and dissolved its identity as a caterpillar.  Are you willing to surrender the limited creature you have been to become something more?  To become something winged?
Rising into Radiance Retreat is an invitation to become more…to become winged.  To become luminous.  To become Realized as the Divine One we are…and were created to fully embody.

Rising Into Radiance
–Rising Our Vibration Into Light–

Grace will be sharing her understanding of cultivating Light in our beings and raising our frequency to meet the Evolutionary impulse of these times.  She draws from a deep reservoir of experience from her years of working with Vibrational Healing, both on herself and with thousands of people from all over the world.  She will be offering a depth of insight into our journey of embodiment as Soul entering this very challenging human dimension.  She works primarily with the awakening of the Heart and healing of our Emotional bodies.  Many tools will be offered and explored in this aspect of vibrational healing, as well as focus on other powerful and important elements to raising our vibrational frequency into a more luminous embodiment.  Grace will touch on a raw, vegan (but not exclusively), high vibrating diet.

  • Your weekend, from 7:30pm Friday to 11am Monday, will include:
  • teachings with Grace
  • personal reflection time
  • 3 nights accommodation in your accommodation of choice
  • 7 yummy RAW organic and vegan meals starting with breakfast on Saturday
  • time to enjoy a hot tub, sauna, mud bath, or simply relaxing
  • Sacred Labyrinth walks
  • optional massage session (additional cost)




Grace is an Essene mystic and internationally known healer, spiritual teacher and mystic poet. Her deep wisdom, comforting, love and powerful healing energy has touched the lives of people all over the world.

For nearly thirty years Grace has been offering her divinely inspired gifts of heart awakening and inspiration for the upliftment of humanity and the earth. She draws much of her wisdom from the ancient lineage of the Essenes, and teaches our interconnectedness to all life, the earth and the cosmos. She gently yet powerfully guides us in our healing and spiritual unfoldment, bringing into our awareness the interconnectedness of mind/body/spirit as a vital part of our path to wholeness. She has been facilitating Healing and Awakening Retreats for nearly 30 years assisting thousands all over the world to return to their own true divine. An Essene Minister, she lives a simple life of purity, close to nature, and has devoted her entire life to the path of love of the Divine. This she expresses in her service to all beings and to the earth. She had a Healing Center in Assisi, Italy for many years as well as in Mt Shasta, California.

Listen to the stars, to the moon, to the night, in humble reverence listen; they are calling you Home to the Light… Do you remember the way? It is through a passage in your heart.Grace
Please Note
You will need to prepare yourself *BEFORE* you arrive. Please make conscious vegan food choices, i.e vegetarian diet, for at least 2 weeks ahead of time. While you’re here, meals will be vegan and mostly raw. If you are currently a coffee drinker, please start reducing your caffeine consumption at least two weeks prior to attending. There will be no coffee served during the retreat.

Rising Into Radiance Retreat: How to Register

Book your Retreat & Teachings package with Annette at 800-716-2494 (or email info@quantumleaps.ca ).
Quantum Leaps packages include 7 organic and vegan meals, 3 nights accommodations, and all teachings.

$515 /person

Traditional Teepee
(shared, up to 4 people)

$575 /person

River Room

$605 /person

Shared Room
(2 people per room)

$665 /person

Private Room


Receive $50 OFF when you register one month before the start date.  Previous retreat guests receive $25 OFF.
NOTE: we have locals, couple & shared-bed rates.  NOTE: fees do NOT include 5% GST + 10% HRT (for rooms) taxes.

Rumi Room with a seating circle

Retreat (Rumi) Room

Retreat (Rumi) Room

All our work/play-shops take place in our beautiful Rumi Room (unless otherwise scheduled). This sacred space is open and spacious with lots of natural light streaming in. For any Retreat from Yoga to Dancing, from Shamanism to Neale Donald Walsch; many people feel the soul-healing energy that circulates throughout the room.

For more info on this workshop or to register please phone us at 1-800-716-2494 (250-344-2114) or email us at info@quantumleaps.ca.

Please ask us about our Karma program (work exchange) if you’ve found that low funds are blocking you from registering in a workshop.