Couples Tantra Retreat


  • provide a safe sanctuary for inner and outdoor explorations.
  • to ignite your passion, there by creating greater synchronicity in your daily life.
  • harmonize your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual being.
  • continue the journey of self discovery; inspiring and empowering you.
  • focus on self empowerment and the joyous celebration of life
  • nurture and rejuvenate yourself.
  • access a greater life force energy for joy and peace to prevail.

IMPORTANT: All our Retreats at Quantum Leaps are Pet/Dog Free, Alcohol Free, Smoking/Smoker Free, and we request that you to put your Cell Phone away for the weekend!

Review the Retreat Packages listed at the bottom of this page.  A deposit of $300 plus 5% GST is required for each couple.  To register and make a deposit, please phone Annette at 1-800-716-2494 (250-344-2114)
OR make your deposit online…
My package room choice is:

You are welcome to arrive early or stay longer for a reduced rate of $30 per night plus tax in the Teepee / Cliff House, or $60 per night plus tax in the Lodge / Cottage (max 2 nights).

  • More Than 1 Month
  • deposit returned less $50 administration fee, or
  • $120 in credit for future use (within one year) at Quantum Leaps Lodge, or
  • total amount transferred to another person for the same retreat.
  • Less Then 1 Month
  • deposit returned less $75 administration fee, or
  • $100 in credit for future use (within one year) at Quantum Leaps Lodge, or
  • total amount transferred to another person for the same retreat.
  • Less Then 2 Weeks
  • no deposit returned unless transferred to another person for the same retreat.

Couple’s Tantra Retreat “A Sensual, Loving & Enlightening Experience”
with Francesca Blackstock

Dates: September 21-24th, 2017
This Retreat is SOLD OUT!

This Tantra Couples Retreat in Golden, BC will be extremely romantic, sensual, and relaxing! As a couple, sometimes it is so wonderful to reignite the passion and the love you share with each other.  This weekend is a gift you can give your relationship.  There will be lots of time to practice in the privacy of your own room or teepee, as well as down time to enjoy the Labyrinths, kick back and relax, or take walks beside the beautiful Blaeberry River.  This is a fully clothed experience.  Please feel free to bring sensual, sexy clothing, jewellery, or anything else to add to the ‘specialness’ of your experience.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who, like myself, knew little about Tantric theory. If you want to get more in touch with yourself and your partner, try taking this workshop. You will be surprised. It’s not so much about sex as it is about awareness, energy & connection.Francesca Blackstock

Tantric Sexual Techniques

Tantric Sexual Techniques

At the retreat, you’ll learn:

  • 4 Tantric Keys to creating ecstasy, in & out of bed!
  • Tantric Sexual techniques for making you both outstanding lovers!
  • How both men & women can be Multi-Orgasmic!
  • How the practice of Tantra will heal the past & transform your relationship!
  • Six Levels of Relationship that will empower you individually and as a couple!
Mission Statement: “To inspire people to live joyful empowered lives through the exploration and healing of their sexuality.”Francesca Blackstock
  • Your weekend, from 7pm Thursday to 2pm Sunday, will include:
  • Tantra teaching Sessions
  • personal reflection and couples time
  • riverside walks and hiking
  • 3 nights accommodation in your accommodation of choice
  • 8 yummy organic meals, from breakfast Friday to lunch Sunday
  • time to enjoy a hot tub, mud bath, sauna, or simply relaxing
  • Sacred Labyrinth walk
  • optional massage session (additional cost)

Francesca Blackstock

Francesca Blackstock

Francesca, RSW, is the founder of Tantric Path Seminars and Coaching; “Everyday Tantra for Everyday People”.  She is a Registered Social Worker and has worked in that field for many years.  She has studied TANTRA around the globe for 20 years and began teaching in 2001.

There is a popular myth that TANTRA is about being able to have sex for many hours or days.  TANTRA though is about bringing your sexual energy into all aspects of your day to day life as well as into bed.  The word TANTRA means “to weave” and through TANTRIC practice you will learn to activate your sexual energy and discover that it is a renewable resource; a constantly available source of energy for your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well being.  The practical aspects of TANTRA are down to earth, accessible, and life changing for anyone regardless of your spiritual perspective.  Through practice you will discover that your body is its own fountain of youth and take delight in re-found energy, see worry lines fade, and notice a new bounce in your step. This is the 4th Retreat she will lead here at Quantum Leaps.

TANTRA for me has become a way of life: tuning in to energy, living in the present moment, breathing sexual energy through my entire body for healing and aliveness, connecting deeply with others, and having compassion and forgiveness for myself when I forget to do things. Incorporating TANTRA with my Social Work training and extensive experience in working with people, I am committed to creating a safe space, free of judgement or expectation, to support you to explore your potential and allow a greater experience of your true self and your relationships.Francesca

Tantra Retreat: How to Register

First step (of 2) is to book your Retreat & Teachings (cost $500.00) with Francesca at 403-918-6783 (or email
Second step, book your Meals & Accommodations package* with Annette at 800-716-2494 (or email
*Please note, each of the Quantum Leaps Retreat packages below includes 8 organic meals and 3 nights accommodations.

$657.75 /couple

Traditional Teepee
(private space
for 1 couple )

$675.00 /couple

Meditation House
(private space
for 1 couple)


SOLD OUT Cliff House(unique private space
for 1 couple; see our youtube)


$778.50 /couple

SOLD OUT Shared Cottage (private room and private entrance, shared building)

$893.50 /couple

SOLD OUT Private Cottage
(private space
for 1 couple )

If more space is needed, or you don’t see what you’re looking for, please inquire about our off-site options.
Ask about our locals rates.  Pricing does include applicable taxes of 5% GST and 10% HRT (on rooms only).

Rumi Room with a seating circle

Retreat (Rumi) Room

Retreat (Rumi) Room

All our work/play-shops take place in our beautiful Rumi Room (unless otherwise scheduled).  This sacred space is open and spacious with lots of natural light streaming in.  For any Retreat from Yoga to Dancing, from Shamanism to Neale Donald Walsch; many people feel the soul-healing energy that circulates throughout the room.

For more info on this workshop or to register please phone us at 1-800-716-2494 (250-344-2114) or email us at

Please ask us about our Karma program (work exchange) if you’ve found that low funds are blocking you from registering in a workshop.