November 2014 Newsletter

Winter Getaways

Winter Getaways!
Come and enjoy the peace and
quiet of Winter in the Blaeberry!
From now until April!

Here are some ideas for
your Winter Retreat…
*snowshoes to borrow for free

*cross country skiing
*downhill skiing/snowboarding
*wood heat
*hot tub
*foot spa
*shamanic drumming

Low Season Personal Retreats for January start at $80/night for one person in the Lodge or $120/night for 2 people in one of the Cottages.

Meditation Room by donation!
Based on availability.


Jubilee Day
by Michael Sky
(an old friend of Brian’s)
A book about the desperation to
make the world a better place.


Force Majeure
We are looking forward to
watching this movie on Dec. 4th!

Dear Friends,

It’s been a while~ We really can not believe that it has been 7 months since our last Newsletter. Where has time gone? This past Spring, Summer, and Fall we hosted 15 different Retreats so maybe we were just a wee bit occupied. We thank everyone who came and enjoyed our land, space, and food! Wow! Now that it is November, we are resting and planning once again for 2015! We have a couple of projects on the go as well.

Expanding the Cliff House~ One project is that we have decided to expand the Cliff House to now include 3 bedrooms and a full kitchen. This will be a fun project for April and May! We look forward to expanding the Cliff House to meet the needs of what our guests are looking for.

Retreats 2015~ If you wish to create a Retreat with us in 2015 please be in touch. The weekends are filling up fast in the Spring, September is full, and October is open.

Quantum Leaps

Looking for Staff~ Again for 2015 we are looking for Staff to join us in April and stay with us until the end of the Retreat and gardening season which is usually sometime into October. If you or anyone is interested in this position please be in touch and we will send you out a job description.

Personal Retreats over the Winter~ Quantum Leaps still has room for you during Christmas and New Years and any other time over the winter! Come and create a unique and memorable experience with us for this time of year. Snowshoeing, tobogganing, cross country skiing etc are yours to experience here in the Blaeberry Valley over the holidays.

wild blessings,
Brian & Annette

Quantum Leaps Lodge and Retreats
Golden, BC

Recipe of the Month

Great news!  Our 3rd Edition Cookbook is at the printers as I am writing this.  That means I can get the book to the folks that asked for them this past spring/summer/and fall when I ran out of copies!  The cost is $25 and that includes tax, shipping and handling!

Order On Line here:

Here is a recipe that didn’t make it into the cookbook this time but it was a favorite breakfast for many people this past Retreat season!

Good Grain Pancakes
1 ¼ cup soy milk or milk
2 eggs
2 tbsp olive oil
1 2/3 cups good grain mix (see below)

In a large bowl whisk together milk, egg, and oil. Whisk in Good Grain Mix. Batter should be slightly lumpy; do not overmix.
Cook on hot griddle until the bubbles on top burst then flip over.

Good Grains Mix
3 ½ cup whole wheat flour or spelt flour
½ cup ground flax seeds or flax seed flour
½ cup cornmeal
1/3 cup cane sugar such as Sucanat
2 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
3 tsp seal salt
Store the extra mix in refrigerator or freezer.

Giving instead of Buying!

Happy Holiday Season… buy less, live more

One month until Christmas and we are inundated with signs, flyers, advertisements etc all encouraging us to buy buy buy consume consume consume; Black Friday (even though this is a USA thing) and this sale and that sale,  Boxing Day sales that have turned into weeks.  Christmas marketing is a smooth oiled machine, slick and enticing you to buy things for your loved ones because that is going to show them how much you care and love them.  To tell you the truth I have a hard time going into the stores this time of year.  To me it reminds me that the true meaning of Christmas is lost in our society.  It feels like we have created a monster and it takes a lot of effort to step back and say hey wait a minute….by buying something made by a USA Company in China, etc. does that reflect the true meaning of this season?

I grew up with the whole celebration of Christmas and gift giving.  My parents were Christians and it was important to them to celebrate the birth of Jesus, give gifts like the 3 wise men did etc.  As I grew older and withdrew myself from the traditions of my parents (becoming more Pagan all the time) I decided to do things a bit differently with my family.   Instead of buying STUFF I gifted them with time! I gave my Mom tickets to go see the Ballet with me, my Dad I took to a hockey game, or I took them out to the Movies, I took my brother Skiing in Jasper etc etc And it was so much FUN!  I didn’t get them stuff they didn’t need, I gave them the gift of a beautiful memory and time spent together.  My parents died early so I was so grateful for the time that I spent with them.

In my partnership with Brian, we look at each other at Solstice or Birthdays and say to each other….”I did not buy you anything honey,  I just give you my love and partnership. And hey do you want to go Skiing or Dancing with me!” Time is so very precious!

There are options now for different ways of gifting.  Through World Wild Life Fund you can adopt an animal for someone else or through World Vision you can provide donations on the behalf of people so other people can eat and survive.  I have done both of these things and it feels great. If you adopt a child through World Vision we will gift you a free nights stay here for 2.

There are Facebook groups and websites about the BUY NOTHING movement happening all over.  More and more people are beginning to see the insanity of it all.  Here is a great link about the BUY LESS LIVE MORE campaign!

So we are not here to consume this planet; we are here to grow and give! To help each other out. To create and celebrate. To do kind deeds for each other.  Creating sweet spots of magic and love for us to become more of who we are.  See the promise and possibility for a more equal and just world where all beings and creatures are respected and loved. Each of our Visions pull us into a New Earth society. Maybe in your life there is something you can give.

So we suggest……

And if you have to buy something go to your local craft fairs, buy local, buy home made creative things from people you know or come and use our crafts room here at QL

with love and light,
Annette and Brian