April 2015 Newsletter

Flowers at Quantum Retreats

Spring Retreat Highlight!
Plant Communication Retreat

May 29-31st, 2015
with Denise Holden

Join us for this beautiful Retreat to connect and enter into the realm of Plants.  Plants are providers of life and many of these plants can also heal us through their medicinal properties or their vibration.

During this two day intensive you will explore Traditional Knowledge woven with modern findings in the realm of Plant Consciousness.  You will spend time outdoors connecting with a beautiful plant for the weekend, discovering and learning from this amazing being.  You will participate in Shamanic drum journeys and in Green Breath and much more!

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The Lost Language of Plants
by Stephen Harrod Buhner


It is SPRING!  Time to get outside and
enjoy the longer days of sunlight cool

Dear Friends,

As I write this newsletter a gentle April rain is falling so wonderfully on the Earth. As a child growing up we would sing….”April showers bring May flowers!” Everything on the land here is budding and bursting forth from it’s winter rest. It is such a lovely time of year. The Ruby Crowned Kinglet bird too is enjoying the Spring as he sings away looking for a mate. The Ruffed Grouse too has been looking for a lovely lady…as he beats his wings against his inflated chest! Ahhh the sounds of spring.

The Cliff House~ We have completed the Cliff House renovations. The Cliff House now has a full kitchen with double sink, full fridge, and stove. It also now has 2 private bedrooms. There are still 3 bunk-beds in the house, just spread out more with more room for everyone! As we were building the extra space we were inspired to have this space available for folks BY DONATION! That feels so right and good for we believe in barters, trades, and in a more gifting society.

Retreats 2015~ Are you looking for a place to Retreat to this Spring, Summer, or Fall? There are still some Retreats with spaces still available i.e Plant Communications, Mindfulness Yoga, Yoga Therapy teacher training, and a few others. Yes August 1-21st we will be hosting a Yoga Therapy Teacher training. So if you have always wished to delve into the realm of becoming a Yoga Teacher have a look…this may be your Golden Opportunity ! When you join with like minded people in a conscious Retreat you will feel rejuvenated and revitalized! Have a look, check out our Retreats/Workshops information page.

Personal Retreats for the Spring and Summer ~ Do you need some time to recharge, connect with Mother Earth, and yourself? Come and create a unique, healing, reflective, and memorable experience for yourself this spring. Book a Massage, a Shamanic Drumming session, a healing Breathwork session or simply just walk the land the Medicine Wheel or that Transformational Labyrinth, and enjoy the peace of Nature. The Meditation House is NOW available by DONATION! Or book any of our other spaces. Call 1-800-716-2494 or email info@quantumleaps.ca to reserve your space.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

wild blessings,
Brian & Annette

ps. we are holding the space for a Sweat Lodge ceremony on May 2nd at 2pm, if you are guided to join in then please be in touch!

Quantum Leaps Lodge and Retreats
Golden, BC

Recipe of the Month

Spring Greens Soup:
Simple to prepare and a very delicious way to get your dark leafy greens.  You can even add a few dandelion greens for some unique flavour!
* Serves 6-8
6 cups Vegetable Stock
4 medium Potatoes
1 small Onion or Leek, chopped
2 cloves Garlic, minced
2-3 cups Kale or other Spring Greens (Lambs quarters, Nettles, Chard, Spinach etc) or a combination of….
1 tbsp Braggs
1 tsp Sea Salt
1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In a medium sized soup pot bring stock to boil.  While stock is coming to a boil, peel and chop potatoes into medium cubes.  Prepare the onions and the garlic. Add potatoes, chopped onion, and garlic to the stock.  Bring soup to a boil again, then reduce to a simmer, cover, and let cook until potatoes are tender.  Add kale (or greens of your choice), salt, and Braggs.  Simmer until the kale or other greens are tender and bright green, about 5 minutes.  Purée the soup in a blender or with a hand blender until very smooth. Stir in the olive oil and serve.

Honouring the Sacredness of Mama Earth!

From these roots I shall grow…

As everything blooms and bursts forth this spring I invite you to take it in, to look closely at the buds and blossoms, to touch the earth, to hear her heartbeat!

For as Rumi says…”there are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground”

When you arrive at  Quantum Leaps this year, you will be welcomed with this sign that outlines and invitation to look closer at Mother Earth.
It reads like this…

The Invitation
When you walk in the woods, mindfully and slowly, there is magic to be found.  The joy of a flower blooming, a bird singing, a butterfly fluttering by, or a Dream Catcher blowing in the wind.  That’s right…if you are looking deeply and closely at our beautiful Mother Earth you will find a beautiful Dream Catcher for you to take home with you. A gift from Mother Earth to you.  This is to remind you to pay attention and look deeply at the beauty and vibration of your Mother, the sustainer and provider for our lives. Wild blessings on your wanders through the woods,
Annette and Brian… citizens of Quantopia

Mother Earth is there for us, longing for us to look deeply at her beauty.  It is all around us, in the song of a bird, in a worm crawling in the dirt, in a cloud floating by, a flower blooming etc.  I believe it enriches our lives when we can immerse ourselves in her overwhelming beauty!  Stop and pay attention and see what happens…
For love of the Earth,
Annette and Brian